Make Mine a Bear by Harper B. Cole (ePUB)

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Make Mine a Bear (Mated By Chance #3) by Harper B. Cole, Colbie Dunbar – Free eBooks Download


Bear shifter Terrell’s collection of antique books is his passion. When he discovers that an antique bookstore is opening in town, he’s one of the first people at their door. Terrell crosses his fingers that he’ll finally fulfill his quest and locate a first edition copy of his great-grandfather’s book. It might only be worth a few dollars to most, but to him it’s priceless.

When Joe brings some misdelivered mail to his elderly neighbor, he finds the man crying, a soaking wet book in his hand. He soon discovers that it was the first book his neighbor ever owned and it wasn’t water that spilled on it—it was cranberry juice. After comforting him, Joe makes it his mission to find another copy, leading him to a new antique book store in town.

Both men find more than they’re looking for at the shop, when a small piece of paper falls out of their books with directions to meet at the local dog park. If it weren’t for the quirky owner, neither of them would’ve thought anything of it—but with Mr. Lucas, you can never be sure.

They both take a chance and head to the dog park, but are they willing to take a chance on love?

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