Make Me Wild by C.R. Jane (ePUB)

make me wild, cr jane

Make Me Wild (Rich Demons of Darkwood #3) by C.R. Jane, May Dawson – Free eBooks Download


Stellan’s always been a pretty horrible ex-boyfriend, but he takes it to a new level when he kidnaps me.
I wake up in a trunk, determined to make him pay.
But Stellan needs answers about his sister’s disappearance.
And I need them too.
So even if he does deserve to die for what he’s done to me, we form a tentative alliance.
We go back to where it all began, Stellan’s childhood home. The Demon’s house, next door, watches over our search.
It’s not only the house that seems to loom over us.
Ghosts from my past know everything that happened to Sophia…
And they want to see me embrace my father’s legacy. Or die. They aren’t too picky.
My other a**holes aren’t too happy with Stellan’s disappearing act, but they’ll go along with helping…for now.
Can Stellan and I find what happened to Sophia, despite the hate and lust that pulses between us?
Or will my father’s old friends leave us buried alongside Sophia?

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