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make me sweat, sara madderson

Make Me Sweat (Sorrel Farm) by Sara Madderson – Free eBooks Download


Alex was my world when I was seventeen. I couldn’t function unless his skin was on mine. I couldn’t breathe unless he was inside me.
Until they took him away, and I didn’t see him again for twenty-one years.
I mourned. I raged. I nearly drowned in my grief.
Now, when our paths cross for work, he’s famous: a celebrity personal trainer with a global following.
And I’m married. With twins.
He’s not mine anymore. He’s public property.
But my feelings for him are as intoxicating as ever. And I can’t stay away.

I took a human life when I was high behind the wheel of a stolen car.
I was only inside for two years, but the guilt is a life sentence. It’s a burden I carry every day.
When I lost Clara, I lost everything. Exercise saved me. Gave me back my sanity.
The trappings of my life today may look impressive, but inside I’m broken. Ravaged. Empty.
Until I find Clara again.
My guardian angel.
The only woman who’s ever seen the real me and loved what she saw.
Our past is the stuff of nightmares. Our future is a mystery. But one thing’s for sure.
I can’t mess up her life twice.
Tell me I’m right.

*Previously published as When Then Becomes Now.

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