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Brianna Maxwell:
Why does this man have to drive me nuts? I’ve got so many things going on right now and James is just one more distraction that I don’t need.
But he refuses to go away and when my mother backs me into a corner, telling me that I have to have a date for my sister’s wedding or she’s going to find someone for me, I know that I’m royally screwed. Even more so when James overhears my phone call and hands me an offer I can’t refuse. A fake date for the wedding just to get Mother off my back.
Only when he holds me in his arms, it feels like this whole relationship is becoming entirely too real.

James McCullough:
I’ve been in love with Bri since we were gawky adolescent high school kids. But I let fear for her and myself pry me from her side.
Now I’ve got my shot and I’m going to take it. I’m going to win Bri over one way or another. She’s my one. The only woman I’ve ever loved. And I’ll do anything to prove to her that we’re meant to be.
But when she feels betrayed by my silence, will she leave me and take my heart with her?

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