Make Love Not War by Scarlett Woods (ePUB)

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Make Love Not War (Heart of a Wounded Hero) by Scarlett Woods – Free eBooks Download


Deep down, I know that being in the Army is a life-long dream come true. Protecting and fighting for my country is everything I was born to do and I could never imagine myself doing anything else.
But I wake up in a hospital with no recollection of who I am or used to be, and my life flips upside down.
When a handsome doctor claims he’s my fiancee, I’m breathless.
Titus is sexy, charming, and makes my heart skip a beat.
But how can I let myself trust someone I don’t remember?

Up until now, my life has been everything I hoped it’d be. I can’t complain about being a doctor in a small town, living in a cozy home, and being engaged to the love of my life. Yep, everything was perfect…until now.
When my Army wife ends up in a coma, I want nothing more than for her to wake up. I want things to go back to how they used to be. But when I realize our lives are changed forever, it crushes me that my wife doesn’t recognize me.
I’ll do anything I can to prove to her how much I love her.
Bella is gorgeous, tough, and completes me.
But can I get her to fall in love with me again?

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