Mail Order Mystery by Ginny Sterling (ePUB)

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Mail Order Mystery (Legendary Brides) by Ginny Sterling – Free eBooks Download


Sometimes love can’t be explained or defined…

Oliver Anders always wanted to find love, but felt shunned and embarrassed by his disfigurement. He couldn’t help how he looked, the scars a brutal reminder of the fire so long ago that left him alone and unwanted. Stunned and mortified, Oliver doesn’t know how long he can hide away in his own home when a strange woman arrives on his doorstep, claiming to be his bride.

Penelope Greene was tired of being rejected and criticized. She’d had enough of society and wanted a place to hide away, jumping at the chance to lose herself in Lore Valley. When she arrives and discovers that her promised husband is the town pariah and supposedly horrific to look upon, but that sounds like a perfect chance to be left alone.

Can the shadows that hide her husband’s face, keep her secret for very long? Will a gentle, unexpected friendship turn into something more, a genuine love that is unexpected, but definitely magical?

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