Maid for Dad’s Best Friend by Kate Gilead (ePUB)

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Maid for Dad’s Best Friend (Men on a Mission #12) by Kate Gilead – Free eBooks Download


My oldest friend Todd invites me to a wilderness retreat at the resort he owns in the countryside.
Not far from our hometown, on our old stomping grounds, it’s all outdoor stuff we grew up doing as part of our daily lives.
A city boy now, just back from a work stint overseas, I jump at the chance to unwind and reconnect with my roots.
My mission for the week: Relax and have fun at my old pal’s resort. No more, no less; no pressure, no stress.
But my first night there, when I set eyes on his daughter…a fire is lit and there’s no putting it out.
I’m an older man to her much younger woman, but one thing is certain…she’s no kid anymore.
I’m on a new mission now.

Being a maid at Dad’s resort is hard work, but it’s a good way to save up for school. Of course, Dad wants to pay for it all, but I need to make my own money.
Because, when you make your own money, you can forge your own path. I have a goal in life, and it’s not what my father plans for me. When the time is right, I’ll let him know. For now, I’m not looking for love, too busy to date. I’m just working and banking my money.
Then Dad’s best friend Devin arrives for a visit…he’s gorgeous, smart, kind, and…oh, did I mention, gorgeous? When a perfect storm of events brews up, I know he’s the One for me.
Dad may not like it, but I can’t help how badly I crave his bestie, or how boldly I go after him.

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