Magic’s Rise by L.L. Frost (ePUB)

magic's rise, ll frost

Magic’s Rise (Monsters Among Us: Hartford Cove #5) by L.L. Frost – Free eBooks Download


Is there such a thing as too much pie? Rowe never thought so,but when an outsider comes asking for the Wendall witch’s help, she throws in the fork.
With the yearly festival fast approaching, Rowe has reached her pie-tasting limit. This is a time of growth for Hartford Cove, but they’re already bursting at the seams with newcomers. When a stranger arrives asking for help, it puts the party plans on hold.
There’s another sanctuary city, and the barrier that hides them is failing. More interesting to Rowe is that this new town is run by a pack of werewolves, the most dangerous of paranormal creatures. They could hold the key to curing Owen’s curse, if their Alpha will trade his secret for her help.
Rowe and her mates set out, but in true Rowe fashion, nothing goes according to plan. The legend of the Wendall witch has spread, and creatures come out of the woodwork to claim a slice of Rowe’s magic, turning a simple road trip into a fight for their lives. Will they make it to their destination before it’s too late? Or is this one adventure they won’t return from?

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