Madeleine’s King by Clarice Jayne (ePUB)

madelein's king, clarice jayne

Madeleine’s King (King Brothers Investigation #4) by Clarice Jayne – Free eBooks Download


Tyler Edwards loves his job at King Brothers. Not only does he get to work with his best friends, Jayden and Nathan, but he also gets to indulge in his favourite hobby, computer investigation. Working intelligence in the army, gathering information is second nature to him, and this job allowed him to do it legally in civilian life. It also meant he was close to the one woman he’d had his eye on for the past two years, Madeleine Lewis.
Madeleine Lewis has kept an enormous secret, all the time she’s lived in Kings View, one she would never tell a living soul. It was the reason she moved here. She left home at twenty, after a family argument that left her disowned, branded a liar, and alone. She had left one thing behind, and it was one thing no woman would ever want to leave.
She finally made a home in Kings View, with friends who loved her, and even caught the eye of one Tyler Edwards to boot. The more time they spent together, the harder Madeleine fell. The problem was each time they got close, her memories came back to haunt her. But when her past comes back in her life, will Tyler be able to live with the news it brings?
Can Tyler convince Madeleine that she has a life here in Kings View, no matter what she decides? Or will the past pull her back to the life she thought she had left far behind her? Whatever decision she makes, she must remember, it’s one that involves more than just her.

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