Madam President and Her Dragon Lover by Terri Wilson (ePUB)

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Madam President and Her Dragon Lover (Madam President #2) by Terri Wilson – Free eBooks Download


Angela Bishop is about to challenge the world.

She’s tired of taking crap from all the men in her life. It doesn’t matter that she’s the President of the United States. She knows what needs to be done and won’t let anyone stop her, including her dragon lover.
When shifters turn up dead in Arkansas, she needs to accomplish the one thing that may kill her career. But it might kill the dragon she loves if it doesn’t work out. She’ll be challenged in ways no previous president has and risk everything for him.

In the end, she will find out who truly supports her and who has been manipulating her for personal gain all along.

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  • Madam President and Her Dragon Lover – Terri Wilson ePUB



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