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Macarons at Midnight (Just Desserts #3) by Anna Martin, M.J. O’Shea – Free eBooks Download


Tristan Green left his small English town for Manhattan and a job at a high profile ad agency, but can’t seem to find his bearings. he spends a lot of time working late at night, eating and sleeping alone, and even more time wandering around his neighborhood staring into the darkened windows of shops. One night when he’s feeling really low, he passes a beautiful little bakery with the lights still on. The baker invites hi in, and some time during that night Tristan realizes it’s the first time he’s really smiled in months.
Henry Livingston has always been the odd duck, the black sheep, the baker in an old money family where pedigree is everything and quirky personalities are hidden behind dry martinis and thick upper east side townhouse facades. Henry is drawn to Tristan’s easy country charm, dry English wit, and everything that’s so different from his own world.
Their new romance is all buttercream and sugared violets until Tristan’s need to fit in makes him do something he desperately wishes he could undo. Tristan has to prove to Henry that he can be trusted again before they can indulge in the sweet life they’re both craving.

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