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Lynx (Mountain Alpha #6) by Lexi Rose – Free eBooks Download


Rachel’s a superstar lawyer in the making. She’s dedicated her whole life to her career, and nothing’s going to stand in her way.
Lynx is a rugged, silver haired mountain man with a dark past. He’s separated himself from a selfish, self-obsessed society that almost drove him over the edge. All he wants is peace and quiet. The ability to live off the land by the power of his own two hands. But as soon as he sets eyes on Rachel, he knows his life will never be the same again…
♥ Rachel ♥
A promotion.
That’s all I wanted when I first met Lynx.
But pretty soon, I was thinking bigger.
Much bigger.
Why settle for queen of the boardroom, when I can be queen of his bedroom?
Why settle for head seat at the table, when I can make my own damn table and surround myself with people I love?
Why spend my days cooped up in a corner office, when I can trek to the tip of a mountain, look down on the tree topped hills, and wrap my arms around the man of my dreams?
Yes, I went to Lynx hoping to further my career,
But instead, I furthered my life…

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