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lying lainey, elizabeth knight

Lying Lainey (Underground Omega Syndicate) by Elizabeth Knight – Free eBooks Download


When the Syndicate calls to collect their debt— Omegas are given no choice but to succeed…or die trying.

Being a con artist—a highly talented con artist mind you—I’m not one who’s used to being on the flip side of a con. So when I wake up in a strange apartment, in a city I hate, being anonymously blackmailed… Not an experience that’s at all welcomed.
The Underground Omega Syndicate needs me to pull a job whether I want to or not. They’ve uncovered every secret I have, and make sure I know it. If I don’t follow their orders they will destroy me in every way possible. A little overkill if you ask me, but who am I to talk?
So now I’m the brand new executive assistant to the CEO of a security company. An attractive silver fox of a CEO I’ll have you know. And oh yeah…my first day is tomorrow. Not like the best cons take months of planning or anything. But the job isn’t the real problem. The Alphas I have to work with? They’re a bigger threat to me than the Syndicate.
No matter what, I can’t fail.
There’s no other option, especially when my life hangs in the balance.
The real question is: Can I con my heart into thinking this is just another job? Or will my life be blown up, one way or another?

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