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Lust or Love (The Love Vixen #2) by Jeannette Winters – Free eBooks Download


Dear Love Vixen:

I’m frustrated, both mentally and physically. I’ve been crushing on this guy since I was a teenager. Back then we had a major roadblock, namely my father, who was also his coach. How Jack filled out that Speedo distracted me but back then dating was a no-no because his focus needed to be on winning the gold. But the Olympics are over and guess who show’s back in town looking for a job?

Of course I hire him. What was I thinking? I’m not sadist, but this is pure torture. To make it even worse, Jack knows damn well the effect he has on me. Again, the rules are clear, no fraternization between employees. I followed them once, and I lost him. If I break them now, I could lose my job. Of course spending hours daydreaming about running my hands over every inch of his gorgeous Olympic Gold body isn’t doing much for the quality of my work either.

Do I fire him or act on every one of the fantasies I’ve ever had about him? I’ve got to know, is this lust or love?
Risky business
Dear Risky,
Oh sweetie, you had me at Speedo.
I hate to be the bearer of bad news but work place romances rarely work. Those rules are there for a reason. Maybe you need to tighten up that resume. It sounds to me like you’ve been training for this chance for years. I’d say go for the gold.

Good luck, hon!
The Love Vixen

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