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lust, kiki burrelli

Lust (Wolves of Resurrection Road) by Kiki Burrelli – Free eBooks Download


As alpha of a nomadic pack of wolf shifters, Abel’s home is on the road, stopping in one place long enough to help and then move on. His pack lives on the fringes—and like it that way. So when an ally pack tells him he and his men are ancient warriors reincarnated, they must join forces to save the world, and that they have soulmates—he calls bullsh*t.

Abel has no need for a soulmate but he can’t ignore the demon kings threatening to destroy the world and every human on it. His men will fight, but on their terms. He doesn’t need the responsibility of a new pack, and Abel’s life is too brutal for something so fragile as love.

Micah has spent his life living in fear since witnessing his parents’ murder as a child. People are dangerous, so was the dark, and just about everything else located outside of his tiny room. His world is small on purpose. He’s content living that way, until his best friend needs his help and to give it, Micah must stop hiding under the covers and face the unknown.

Abel spots Micah right away, terrified and in a place he has no reason being. He’s so human it hurts and Abel can’t allow someone so soft and breakable to roam unprotected. Choosing to guard him has nothing to do with the way Micah makes Abel feel—like his body is a pile of dry kindling and Micah is the match. Abel doesn’t deserve the gentle young man, but when a demon king sets his sights on Micah, Abel has no choice but to turn to his allies while bringing Micah into his world.

Micah has no idea why he’s suddenly the target of a demon king. He’d been oblivious to the existence of demons, angels, and shifters, but he’ll have to trust one if he wants to live. Abel is dangerous. The alpha also awakens a part of Micah he never knew existed, and more importantly, he’s Micah’s only hope of surviving.

*Lust is the second book in the Wolves of Resurrection Road series. It is an action-packed, swelteringly hot, mpreg romance that continues in a world of mystery, mayhem, and magic.

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