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Lucas (Carter Brothers #2) by Clara Cruise – Free eBooks Download


A strong-willed nurse who doesn’t like blurred lines.
A handsome hospital owner and a billionaire afraid of commitment.
Can he answer her challenge, or will it be the end for them?

A big, strong nurse, Olivia is sometimes too wound up after a shift to just relax at home. That’s when she puts on a tight little dress that shows her curves, and spends the night at the club. However, what she expects is having some good time, not being chased down by two scruffy, repulsive men…and she definitely doesn’t expect to be saved by the incredibly good-looking owner of the Adonis Memorial Hospital, Lucas.

Lucas feels that Olivia is gorgeous with that hot curvy body, but after a night with her and a couple of dates, he gets cold feet. It’s not that he finds her less attractive after spending some time with her – it’s quite the opposite! – but commitment? That word doesn’t exist in his vocabulary. That’s just not him.

However, Olivia refuses to accept blurred lines, and she gives him a choice: he’ll either really be with her, or be single. But can Lucas overcome his fear of commitment and be with the irresistible woman he fell in love with, or will it be the end for them?

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