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Luca (Covenant of Ascent: The Four Families #3) by Cee Bowerman – Free eBooks Download


A favor for a friend took Luca on the adventure of a lifetime and changed his life in a way that he never expected. When he met Tabby, he wasn’t sure he should trust her but knew instantly that she was the one for him. No matter how hard he resisted the pull, he couldn’t help but fall for her and make her his own. A twisted tale of secrets and half-truths wasn’t exactly the way to start a lasting relationship, but that was the foundation they had to start with. Luca had no choice but to play the hand he was dealt – and to do that successfully, he needed to get a ring on her finger sooner rather than later.

Tabitha was thrust into a whole new world when she came to New York from her small hometown. With barely a dime to her name and the help of new friends that she couldn’t live without, she had carved out a life for herself and her daughter that had ups and downs she wasn’t sure how to navigate. A secret sent her running back into the arms of her chosen family and would ultimately put her in the path of a man she couldn’t resist.

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