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loving winter, ivy thorn

Loving Winter (Blackmoor Revenge #3) by Ivy Thorn – Free eBooks Download


Gabriel and I have the possibility of a second chance. But it’s not one that I think I can take.

I never dreamed of having a family. I never had a good one to begin with. I was a pawn, a toy, and all I ever dreamed of was having some power over my own life. My marriage to Dean Blackmoor, and the sons I’d give him, would have given me that.
Now I’m pregnant, and alone—except for the Devil’s Son who wants to make me his. Who is willing to do anything to keep me, and has proven that, over and over again.
When he finds out I’m going to have his baby, there’s no question in his mind that I’m going to keep it. Only in mine. No matter how much he argues, I can’t see a way forward for us. He’s a biker. He lives a rough and dangerous life, and I can’t see a place for me in it.
Gabriel says he wants to learn how to love me the way I deserve. How to treat me like the princess I used to be. He wants the chance for the family neither of us ever had. And he’ll do anything to convince me it’s possible.
First, all I wanted was power. Then revenge. But now?
What if I want Gabriel—and the future we could have together?

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