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Loving The Senator (Capitol Affairs #1) by Mia Villano – Free eBooks Download


Alex Conrad is everything. He’s gorgeous, rich, and has just been elected to the United States Senate by the state of Virginia.
For the past several years something has plagued him. Something had been missing in his life of privilege and power. Something he had never allowed himself to consider until the night of his election.
Prudence Romaine, was the daughter of a family friend, granddaughter of a famous politician, and someone he met many years ago in an effort to help her. Though he failed to rescue Prudence from her miserable childhood, she came back into his life many years later as his campaign manager.

On election night the sexual tension between them is undeniable. Prudence has been in love with him since she first saw him and now feels she is in a position to do something about it. The only problem is Alex still sees her as a little girl and pushes her away repeatedly. Prudence becomes more determined than ever to have the senator in her life and in her bed.
Loving her from a distance, Alex tries to make it work with an old girlfriend and Prudence moves on with someone else. Both of them miserable, they run into each other at a fundraiser and Alex can’t deny his love for her any longer. Once he gives into his passion he’s held back for so many years, it threatens to undo them both.

Prudence must learn to handle the pressure of loving a high profile politician, a jealous ex-girlfriend, and the pressure of the media. Can their love last and is he the man he claims to be? Only time will tell.
Loving the Senator is an erotic romance for mature audiences only. It is the first in the Capital Affairs Series and rereleased with a bonus novella at the end.

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