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loving lancelot, rose smith

Loving Lancelot (SEALs on Vacation #7) by Rose Smith – Free eBooks Download


They watched in horror as his body burst into consuming flames with no explanation.

Insta-sparks fly once Dylan “Lancelot” Lautter and Ciara Janvier meet and she knows just what to do about it. Run. After what she’s just been through—she knows that’s the only thing she can do.
While sitting in the cosmetics office, the poster of the vivacious brunette draws him in. Private Detective Dylan “Lancelot” Lautter sits there studying her beautiful face for almost 30 minutes. He can’t help but notice the hint of sadness in her eyes and wonder what put it there. When she walks into the office and he sees her in person—his instant attraction only grows.
Ciara Janvier is not about to be hurt again. When she meets the gorgeous ex Navy SEAL investigating a missing persons case, she feels the instant attraction between them. But she knows she must protect herself. She turns a blind eye to her feelings even though it’s all she can do to keep her hands off the man after he rushes to her rescue. He helps her when she loses her phone and she takes him to lunch to thank him. Maybe they can just do the ‘friends with benefits’ thing. Nah. After what she’s just been through, she knows it won’t work. She’s got to put distance between them. So she takes off.
Even though the mysterious woman he just met broke his heart, Lancelot knows that can’t be his sole focus. He must get to the bottom of why Clark Stephens’ wife has gone missing. After an event filled week of digging for clues that turn up death and a deepened mystery, Navy SEAL Rocco and his girl, Caite, invite him to their barbecue at their cabin in beautiful Saratoga Springs. Little does he know the night that begins as a fun summer jaunt will end in unimaginable supernatural terror for each of them when they travel deep into the valley of hell and learn the terrifying secret of the disappearance of Diana Stephens.

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