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Loving Kate Beckett (The Loving #2) by C.C. Monroe – Free eBooks Download


Kate Beckett: The webs we weave are often the most damaging to ourselves.
The love we want can blossom in places we know we won’t find it.
Trying to save a man who couldn’t be was my demise.
I wanted a man who was untouchable, all while an unloved man was dying to have me.
Little did I know I was right there beside him, wanting him too without realizing it.
But I had to find my salvation and finally let go of what killed the woman I used to be.

Nick Amerson: She lived in a world all her own—lost, broken, and alone. But she was never alone when I was there, waiting.
She healed and broke over and over again.
And every ounce of me craved for her to see me there.
I ached to touch her. To please her. To love her with unfathomable passion.
But I couldn’t do that until she found her salvation on her own.
And in my eyes, that salvation was me.

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