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Loving Ivy (Highland Falls #3) by Kat Ryan – Free eBooks Download


A single mom trying to raise her kid and get a new bookstore off the ground had zero time for a relationship with the know-it-all brewery owner, but crazier things have happened.

Ivy James:
My horoscope neglected to mention anything about freak snowstorms, busted Jeep tires, or sleepovers at a certain brewery owner’s place, but here I am. Goddess knows, I’m thrilled my daughter and I are okay. However, staying at Jake Spencer’s house was not in the plans. Nor was the way he and Addie got along immediately. I’m telling myself that’s fine. We can always use more friends, right? Because I’m not ready for more. My circle is small, mainly Addie and me. My parents embedded that lesson early. Life is busy and I know what my future holds, and it’s not this grumpy brewery owner, that’s for sure.

Jake Spencer:
Business at the brewery is good. My family and friends are amazing. The only thing missing is the wife and kids gig I thought I’d have by now. But I never expected that the kid I was ready for might belong to someone else, or that her mother would collect moon water and crystals. Ivy drives me up a wall, but I still want to kiss the hell out of her. The question is, can I find a balance so we can build a life together?

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