Loving Her Billionaire Cowboy Partner by April Murdock (ePUB)

loving her cowboy, april murdock

Loving Her Billionaire Cowboy Partner (Billionaire Ranchers #4) by April Murdock – Free eBooks Download


Robert Shipley is all alone. At least that’s how it feels. And he’s disconnected from his family and business partners on the direction their business should go.

Kelly Stuart feels like a failure. She’s divorced and her marriage was never a good one anyway. Now she’s in a situation where she needs help but she’s too proud to accept it. Losing her family’s ranch is an impossible situation and emotional on every level.
Even though Kelly and Robert haven’t seen each other in years, there’s still a connection when they run into each other again. His business proposal takes her by surprise. She refuses. Charity isn’t something she’s interested in at the moment. She’s determined to make her ranch survive on her own.
But when Robert’s offer of help becomes personal, Kelly is certain her reputation will be ruined and she’ll lose her beloved ranch to boot. Before she can stop it, they’re in the middle of a fake marriage.

How did this get out of control so fast? Can this fake marriage remain platonic when these two have been right for each other all along?

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