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Loving Goldie (Perfectly Imperfect) by Debra Elise – Free eBooks Download


So, I’ve got problems, but who doesn’t, right?
There might not be 99 of them, but enough to have kept me in semi-permanent fight-or-flight mode for almost a decade by: Searching for a loser ex who doesn’t want to be found; watching my only child fight, then thankfully beat cancer; and suffering in silence for years with endometriosis.
That last one has kept me from living life to the fullest and giving my daughter what she’s always wanted: a family.
Then, at the exact right time, things may finally go my way. After leaving almost every job I’ve ever had out of boredom, I landed a new position that could finally be the one.
But there’s a problem (yeah, I know, because of course there is, right?)
It’s a six-three, nerdishly sexy problem who thinks I’m the one. But I’m not looking for love, just a job that finally challenges me and has a great health plan.

Work is crazy.
My family is crazier.
And my personal life? I’m not going to lie, it’s been pretty dull and a bit lonely, okay, a lot lonely.
I tell my friends I don’t have time for love. But what I haven’t told anyone, especially my mom or my nosy cousins, is that I’m a romantic at heart. I know the one is out there.
And at 42, I may have just hired the woman of my dreams.
Convincing her proves challenging.
But I’m not worried, I enjoy a good challenge. And Goldie is the best one yet. And I’m not giving up until she’s mine.
She says she’s broken and not interested in love, but all I see are her perfect imperfections.

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