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Loving Dean (Mafia Generations #3) by Roxanne Greening – Free eBooks Download


I wanted what everyone wanted, love, passion, and the perfect life. Instead I found blood, death, and him.

I was tired of all the Gary’s in the world. Fake promises, and broken hearts were all they offered. Life wasn’t simple, neat, or clean, and it was no where near perfect. I kept meeting him in the weirdest places. All I wanted in life was to meet the none Gary’s, and maybe have two point five kids. But I stumbled into something I shouldn’t have, and he was my saving grace. He took one look at me, and came to the rescue. Me, a complete stranger well maybe not so much a stranger. To secure my safety I had to marry him, pretend to be in love, and bask in the whole happy fake life he promised me. But the ones who doubted us circled like sharks in blood infested waters.

I was the a hit man in the Valisk Mafia family, and She kept appearing in the lives of my targets. She was clumsy, sweet and sometimes lost in her thoughts. Basically a jumbled mess of perfection. Everything about her screamed sweet, and innocent. Definitely not my type. When she stumbles in on a hit in progress, the high profile men in the room see her as collateral damage, and demand her to be taken out with a well place bullet, and a grave deep in the forest. I couldn’t let her beauty seep into the soil, and drift from this world. So I tell them she’s mine, my fiancé, soon to be my wife. A lie I instantly regretted. I thought they would take me at my word, and let us be free but instead they watched and waited. Like blood hounds on the hunt they tracked our moves. I knew one thing, I was going to prove to them, and her she was mine, and no one threatened what’s mine.

Will their lies be their fall? Will Love blossom or flounder? How far are they willing to go to see the other survive?

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