Lovestruck at Sundown by Alejandra Andrade (ePUB)

lovestruck sundown, alejandra andrade

Lovestruck at Sundown (Moonstruck #5) by Alejandra Andrade – Free eBooks Download


After 21-year-old Billie Murphy escapes her security to hop on a one-way flight to Cape Town, South Africa, her father sends Aaron and David, her trustworthy bodyguards, to retrieve her at once. James Murphy feels betrayed by his own daughter and is displeased with her recklessness. His retaliation is cruel and harsh as he continues to push the limits of his controlling tendencies. But with William by Billie’s side, it had never been easier to stand up to her father—painful but easier.
Billie must learn how to navigate her new and passionate relationship with a high-profile celebrity known and loved by the whole world. As much as she relishes her privacy, the spotlight, fame, tabloids, and constant harassment by the paparazzi are a high price she’s willing to pay to stay by William’s side.
Her father won’t miss the opportunity to remind her of what she is set to lose by embracing this new and “enchanting” lifestyle and how the constant invasion of privacy is not so different from the life she so desperately wanted to run away from.

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