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love's game, elizabeth drake

Love’s Game (Knights of Valor #9) by Elizabeth Drake – Free eBooks Download


All he ever wanted was love. Until he found it.
Wealthy. Powerful. Brilliant. Lord Alexander Brighton has everything. Everything except a countess he loves. After a decade of searching, Alexander finally decides to settle for a comfortable society marriage that will provide him with the heir he needs.

Sometimes love is where you least expect to find it.

Lady Rebecca Addington never wished for love. That was far too much to hope for from the society match her family planned for her. Instead, she prays that she can respect the husband they choose for her. Maybe even like him.
But everything changes the night an unholy mage abducts Rebecca and her brother.
Alexander’s timely arrival saves Rebecca, but the mage still has her bother. And only Alexander can find him. As they search for her brother, Rebecca promises herself she is absolutely not falling in love with the cold and aloof Lord Alexander Brighton. Even if he is as brilliant as the gossips say and twice as handsome.

As they close in on the unholy mage, Alexander is absolutely not falling in love with the fierce, independent, and strong-willed Lady Addington. Or so he prays. The unholy mage won’t give up Rebecca’s brother easily, and he still needs Rebecca to complete his ritual. As the forces of darkness close in on them, only together can Alexander and Rebecca save her brother and end the threat stalking her. But first, they both have to accept the gods’ gift of love.

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