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Lovely Lillian (Sisters Before Misters #1) by S Cinders – Free eBooks Download


Lady Lillian Randall had always been the quiet one. Often overlooked and unassuming, she was content following her elder sister about town. However, in the blink of an eye, everything changed when an eminently handsome American caught her eye. Suddenly, Lillian found herself questioning her spot in the shadows. Perhaps it was her time to shine in the sunlight.

Ryan Stanford missed inheriting a dukedom by eleven measly minutes. Personally, Ryan felt that he got the better end of the stick. When his twin Oliver unexpectedly became the Duke of Bilkshore all five Stanford brothers uprooted their lives in America to move to England.

The constant merriment of London society was beginning to wear on Ryan’s nerves. It seemed that everyone wore a mask. That is until he happened to catch a beautiful young woman stop to save some stems out of the corner of his eye. The loving way she held them, and the tiny smile that crossed her face completely enchanted him.

Perhaps there was something here for him after all.

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