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Working with this lovely mobster might break me.
Because I’m pregnant with his baby.
I never should’ve slept with Angelo Fabbri.
It was one night with the sinner, one steamy, beautiful night, and I swore I’d never see him again.
He’s a mobster. I’m a lawyer. And now I’m pregnant with his child.

Everything I’ve worked for is in jeopardy: my burgeoning career, my relationship with my family, and my very safety.
Angelo’s a dangerous man. He’s chaos and pain in a custom suit. If that crazy gangster finds out that I’m pregnant, he’ll never let me get away.
But when his boss comes to me with a case I can’t turn down, I find myself working closely with Angelo to free one of their innocent brothers from spending life in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.
This is insanity. Every time I’m around Angelo, I’m reminded why I gave myself to him to begin with. He’s lust, he’s need, he’s desire, and I’m spiraling closer and closer to him as we rush deeper into this case together.
When he finds out the truth, I’m finished, but at least it’ll be a lovely demise at the hands of this beautiful killer.

Welcome to Lovely Beast! Angelo and Sara are polar opposites, but they’re oh-so-steamy together! Watch as love nearly breaks them to pieces as they overcome their issues and accept what feels right. As always, Lovely Beast is a standalone, full-length romance with no cheating and a happily-ever-after guaranteed. Enjoy!

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