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Loved by the Leopardine (Felix Orbus Galaxy #4) by S.C. Principale – Free eBooks Download


Fall in love with the alien from the galaxy next door…

Ardol is one lucky Leopardine. While the majority of males in the Felix Orbus Galaxy are looking at a lifetime of loneliness in the aftermath of the epidemic that decimated the female members of their species, Ardol isn’t worried. He knows love is guaranteed for him! His betrothed, the daughter of a wealthy Leopardine diplomat stationed in the Avian Alliance, is safe and healthy. As the galaxy opens up after years of quarantine, Ardol knows that he’ll soon claim his mate. His future is secure—until a communication arrives letting him know his luck has run out. His destined Queen is marrying another. Suddenly, arrogant Ardol is scrambling, worried that if he doesn’t take the first available mate he meets, he’ll never have a partner or a family, and he’ll be the laughingstock of the Leopardine System. He’ll do anything to save his spots—even if it means considering a human bride!

Jade, the unlucky. Jade, the unclaimed. Jade knows that her cold demeanor and aversion to romance are why she’s the only single human on Lynx-Nineteen. Unable to stomach the thought of returning to Sapien-Three but completely unsuited to the rugged life on a mining and farming planet where the only thing tougher than the work is the winter season, Jade has a plan. Get off this planet and onboard a comfy ship before the methane blizzards start! She’ll do anything to get a fresh start away from this backwater planet—even if it means becoming some Felid freak’s mail-order bride.

Take two people with very different definitions of love and add in one reluctant marriage of convenience. The result? An unlikely but passionate romance that changes them both. But can this mismatched couple really let go of their old ways to make a new life together?

Enjoy another steamy standalone in the Felix Orbus Series!

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