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love your moves, weston parker

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From executive assistant for a billionaire to a candy dancer.

Those are just the breaks, right? Wrong.
Not when the sexy-as-sin boss that fired you decides he’s a little more than interested after he’s already taken your job.
If he thinks for one minute he’s getting into these candy panties, he’s wrong.
But I’ll give him a run for his money. This girl’s going down with a fight.

The drunk video that was made with me calling him out for being the villain he is went viral. I’m both impressed and appalled.
He’s far too smooth for his own good, and way too hot for mine.
All is fair in love and war until one night we both lay down our weapons and concede.
For one night. Besides, one night of passion has never hurt anyone, right?
From enemy to lover.

But it’s all a little too fishy. Maybe I’m being juked too?
An extravagant date? Check.
Steaming-hot guy who might not be the jerk I thought he was? Check.
Gorgeous ex-wife with a shiny new rock from him on her finger? Check and check.

And all of that on Valentine’s Day.
Like cupid got drunk and stumbled around laughing himself into a tizzy while he jacked up lives.
Like mine. But it’s my fault. I never should have dropped the enemy defense.

Unfortunately, I gave my heart to a guy who happens to be missing his.

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