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It’s been six months since my sister and her boyfriends saved me from the nightmare I’d been living in for the past nine years. Now I’m trying to learn how to live a normal life and forget it all.
It was going well until… him.
I would recognize those eyes anywhere. They’re the eyes that haunt me. The eyes that consume me.
The one man, well boy, I thought I could trust. He was supposed to get me out of that cage.
My twelve-year-old brain thought that somehow, someway, the little brown haired boy with ocean blue eyes would be my savior.
I was wrong. He was my downfall, my undoing.
I did get out, but instead of being free, I was placed into the hands of another monster.
After returning nine years later, he’s no longer a little boy, but a man and I need his help to take down my captor.
Can he pull the trigger?

Trigger warnings: Suicide, child abuse, sexual assault, threat of sexual violence, self-harm, violence, and death.

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