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Sonia is living every woman’s dream in the city. She is about to be married to her college sweetheart, she has her best friends within easy access, life is easy. Until she finds herself playing detective and holed up in the corner of a hotel lobby watching her soon to be husband putting his lips where they don’t belong.
She then finds herself left with a less than fantastic job, nowhere to live, and a large diamond she can no longer wear.
Determined to get off her friends couch she lands a new job as a recruiter and plans to successfully stand on her own two feet in this expensive city. One pit stop in Bloomindales has her less than prepared for her new client but she shouldn’t worry too much right?
Kurt Smith is waiting behind his desk staring intently at his computer not even bothering to look her way. Dark brown hair, green eyes, built, a face chiseled like the models on all the billboards of the city. She is nearly swept off her feet until he opens his mouth. He is grumpy, rude and arrogant but still hot as sin.
Unfortunately for her, Kurt seems to need her recruiting skills more than any of her other clients. Between tension in the office and nights spent at various charity events their sparring can only last so long before one of them has the other pinned up against a wall.

Can he be a changed man and give Sonia what she needs or will he be sabotaging everything they ever had due to one big surprise that has him feeling some major déjà vu?

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