Love to Hate You by Lexi Calder (ePUB)

love to hate you, lexi calder

Love to Hate You (Truth or Dare #1) by Lexi Calder – Free eBooks Download


Did you know skinny dipping is illegal?

After the worst year of my life, I decided I would do things that scared me. So when my best friend dared me to go for a moonlight swim, I went for it. Problem is, there was a warrant for my arrest. My ex had racked up a million parking tickets on my car without telling me.
Now, I’m faced with one phone call and aside from my drunk best friend, I only know one other soul in the entire city.
My brother’s best friend and my childhood tormenter, Benton Murphy, aka the hottest lawyer on the west coast. I know he’d bail me out for my brother’s sake, but I swore I wouldn’t contact him. Now, I don’t have much of a choice.
The man who comes to pick me up from jail is not the lanky kid with the mohawk I knew as a teen. Benton’s all grown up and makes my knees weak from the mere sight of those broad shoulders and baby blues.
Benton Murphy may be a respectable grown up now, but he’s the last man I’d ever get involved with.
Problem is, now I owe him a favor and he’s come to collect. How hard can it be to pretend to be the future Mrs. Murphy for a weekend?

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