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love off record, jenn hughes

Love off the Record (Port Bristol #3) by Jenn Hughes – Free eBooks Download


Rising reporter Jane George is one big story away from leaving her hometown of Port Bristol, Maine, in the dust. So, when her editor agrees to let Jane tackle an exposé she’s spent over a year researching, she should be thrilled. But not when her partner on the assignment is Charlie Sinclair, former world-famous photographer and current journalistic equivalent of the plague. It’s more than Charlie’s history of lies that puts Jane on edge—he’s smart, talented, and not terrible to look at.

Okay, he’s good-looking.
Fine. He’s perfection. And for a woman ready to start a new life in another city, he’s exactly the kind of distraction Jane doesn’t need.
After one little lie reduced his old life to rubble, Charlie jumped at the opportunity to take a job at the Bristol Beagle. He had bills to pay and his dog, Winston, to care for, so beggars couldn’t be choosers. The tiny hamlet of Port Bristol would suit him fine. He’d rebuild. Start fresh. Enjoy a quiet, simple life away from the fame and success that had nearly ruined him.

But when he meets Jane, Charlie quickly realizes there’s nothing quiet or simple about her.
She’s brilliant. Stunning. A force of nature. For a guy ready to enjoy a slow-paced, uneventful life, Jane is a blond, category-five hurricane he doesn’t need.
Late-night stakeouts and undercover antics bring Jane and Charlie closer together as they research a dangerous story involving the ruthless Lavery family. But when the story breaks, Jane is forced to choose between giving up a lifelong dream or leaving her broken heart behind in Port Bristol.

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