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love me later, g colgrove

Love Me Later by G Colgrove – Free eBooks Download


Aurora Monroe
Being the new kid in school in a close knit small town is bad, but being the new kid whose father is the soon to be police chief is even worse. You’re automatically an outcast.
But Jackson never made me feel that way. He was a friend in my time of need, and someone I knew I could count on.
Which is why, twelve years later, I wouldn’t want anyone else by my side as I say I do.
Only I’m realizing now cold feet are real, and mine are coming in the form of Jackson.
For years I’ve denied what was so painfully obvious. I’ve brushed off small indications of his feelings and mine alike. We were friends, and friends don’t cross that line.
But with my vows written, my dress picked out, and the date set, I can’t help but to think, what if I’m marrying the wrong man?

Jackson Nash
From the beginning, I knew I liked Rory. How couldn’t I? With her long curly hair, quirky attitude, and determination.
But she and I have been nothing more than the very definition of wrong place, wrong time.
For twelve years I’ve tried to tell myself the perfect opportunity will present itself–I’ll get to tell her how I really feel, and we will live our own happily ever after. Only now, after so many things have stopped me from confessing my love, I’m realizing I’ve waited too long.
I have to stand by as her ‘Man of Honor’ and watch her marry another man.
A man that’s not me.
When I finally get the courage to admit my feelings, I’m left to wonder how this changes things.
Can we finally have what I’ve been wanting for so long? Or will she follow through with her wedding and act like my admission never happened?

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