Love Lies Bleeding by L Knight (ePUB)

love lies bleeding, l knight

Love Lies Bleeding (Tightrope #2) by L Knight – Free eBooks Download


Cherry and Jake are bound by a secret shrouded in pain and deceit, but not everything is as it seems, except the attraction they can’t deny.

I’ve never stopped loving her, even when she hated me.
I broke her heart, yet she remains the only woman I have ever loved. Knowing she would never forgive my betrayal, I moved on and became the ruthless and successful attorney that everyone dreads to face across the courtroom, but I never forgot my sweet Cherry Blossom.
When the woman I never stopped loving is thrust back into my life, all the feelings I buried so deep rush to the surface, and I know I will stop at nothing to have her look at me like she did when we were two young kids in love.
If I have to play dirty to get her back in my bed and my life then I will fight the dirtiest battle of my life because losing her once was my biggest mistake and I have no intention of repeating it, no matter the cost.

How can you love the man you hate the most?
I’ve spent my life reinforcing the wall around my heart, the heart Jake destroyed when he stole my future from me. I made a life from the wreckage of our broken love but now he’s back, and those walls start to fracture. As the past crashes into the future, revealing that not everything I believe about Jake is true, I find myself swept up in the attraction we share all over again, but I know loving him has a price, but is it one I am willing to pay?

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