Love is Never Lost by Faye Madden (ePUB)

love never lost, faye madden

Love is Never Lost by Faye Madden – Free eBooks Download


Their whirlwind courtship ended in a heart-wrenching breakup. But will a little boy’s wishes be the olive branch they need for happiness?
Ruby Ross pines for the past. After clashes over careers and direction led to a divorce, she regrets their young son has to endure their carefully crafted co-parenting. But more than anything, she yearns for the magic of their first few years… and to be back in her ex-husband’s arms.
Benjamin Ross remains bitter his job cost him his marriage. And though he still has strong feelings for the kind artist he fell for on the first day of college, he squashes them in favor of working long hours to provide for their child’s future. But when the boy arranges for them both to chaperone his camping trip, the gentle accountant fears confessing his emotions will only add up to more pain.
After a tender moment shows Ruby that her ex-husband is willing to make changes to his lifestyle, she nurses a tiny spark of hope for reconciliation. But with Benjamin suffering intense pressure from his father to be a provider, he worries he’s stuck in the same place as before: having to choose between work and love.
Can the wounded couple repair their mistakes and bring their family back under one roof?

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