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Love Blows (Laketown Wolves #1) by May Sage – Free eBooks Download


Four years ago, Hadley was the princess and alpha female of an strong, respected pack; then, Kyle turned up, killed her father, and demoted her for good measure. In one night, she lost everything. As life has a way to really, really suck sometimes, Kyle also happen to be her fated mate.
Although every other member of her old pack had left, to be replaced by new, young members who shun her, Hadley stayed, to take care of her little brother. Finally, he’s turning eighteen, though. It’s time to go.

Kyle has never felt panic clenching his guts the way it does when Hadley says she’s leaving and he can guess why; suddenly, everything makes sense. He’s had his mate under his thumbs for four years, without even knowing it.

And now, she’s gone.

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