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Love at First & 35th by Debra Elise – Free eBooks Download


Evie Nolan is surrounded by couples—engaged, newly married, baby-expecting couples. As a party planner, it’s great for business—not so much for her personal life. Hook-ups, setups, and swiping right gives her hives, but the clock waits for no woman. If Evie wants a family of her own, and she does, maybe she should have started last decade.
Sam Campbell is on the verge of a mid-life crisis and he’s only 35. His mom is on his case for grandchildren, his new boss wants his beard gone and the woman, who’s been hiding in the shadows, is the only one he wants to jump start his long-neglected sex life with, but she wants nothing to do with him.
They’ve been circling each other for years and now well-meaning friends plot against them, setting them up for a long weekend at a lake cabin. When Sam decides he’s done ignoring their sparks, will Evie be able to resist his irritating yet sneaky smirk that morphs into a seductive smile along with those oh- so-wide shoulders?
No, no, she can’t. But will her heart let her walk away when the fun is over?

This story was previously published as part of the COOL OFF Anthology.

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