Love At Country Pines by S.C. Principale (ePUB)

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Love At Country Pines (Pine Ridge Universe) by S.C. Principale – Free eBooks Download


Country Pines Motel lies on the outskirts of the small, paranormal-friendly town of Pine Ridge. If you blink, you’ll miss it—literally.

But if you are lucky enough to catch sight of it, the perfect night awaits just beyond the door.
Love at Country Pines features monsters and their mates in the steamiest scenarios you can imagine. Stop in and discover:
A minotaur and his new bride on an overnight getaway.
A vampire, succubus, werewolf, and witch stranded by a hail storm.
A pooka stuck in his shifted form when his wife arrives.
A lonely kraken looking for love.

And so much more!
Six tales of love, each with a happily ever after, await you at Country Pines!

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