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lost boy, jayda marx

Lost Boy (Secret Desires #2) by Jayda Marx – Free eBooks Download


Shawn – Life is good. In just a couple short weeks, I’ll be starting a new job; I’ll be business partners with Holden in our own consulting firm. I’ll be working alongside my best friend instead of the incompetent blowhards I have to put up with now. That means I’ll escape the weekly meetings about my “attitude problem”, which is only caused by the aforementioned blowhards. It also means I’ll get to see more of Holden and his fiance/little Ollie. I can’t get enough of my self-appointed nephew. I love hanging out with both of them; to have adult conversations with Holden and watch Ollie play. But as happy as I am that my friends have found love, I can’t help but be jealous. I’m not looking for a little of my own, though; I’m interested in a different type of boy. I’m a Dom at heart and looking for a young man whom I can guide, spoil, and love…and tie down, spank, and fuck. I’m forty-six and growing impatient. I’m ready to settle down; I want a relationship, and I want forever. I know I can make my boy happy. I’ll fight for him, shield him, and bring him pleasure beyond his wildest dreams. I just have to find him first.

Franklin – Life is hard. I’m being evicted by my only family member because he thinks I’m unreliable after I lost yet another job. I try my best, but I struggle with pressure and responsibilities; things usually dissolve into one disaster after another around me. I need guidance and direction, but my Master just cast me aside after he’d used me up and grown tired of me. No one ever keeps me. I crave to belong to one man and spend my life pleasing him; to learn everything he needs and be the one to give it to him. I want to be someone’s everything. I want to be his forever. But luck is never on my side. I’ll hold on to my dream, but I won’t hold my breath.

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