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Dad’s right. It’s not as if I have a date or anything. Not like I have plans for Valentine’s Day weekend.
Who wouldn’t want to move instead? Moving upstate so my dad can start another job. His only daughter having to tag along because she has nothing else in her life.
Nowhere else to go.
But seriously, who moves in freaking February? It’s freezing cold out.
I’d rather freeze my butt off than argue with my dad anyway, and heading out a chance meeting with a very different kind of stranger sees me suddenly hooked up with a Valentine after all.
The four-legged lost dog variety. That’s his name, Valentine.
He leads me to the perfect house in its own perfect little world. The neighborhood near ours but the one on the rich side of the city.
The kind of house that’s owned by an equally perfect man.
An older man, but hotter than hell from his hallway portrait and not one this curvy college graduate stands a chance with, I’m sure.
Or would she?
I’ve found what he’s been looking for. Brought back his lost dog.
Do I have to beg for some kind of reward or is Mr. Right just gonna give this dog a bone like he knows she needs it.


Another Valentine’s Day weekend.
Another year I’m reminded how alone I am.
Except for my dog who also just happens to be named Valentine.
He appeared one Valentine’s Day a few years back, just there on my doorstep.
But I need more. I’m an older guy, not getting any younger.
With what others describe as ‘the world at my feet’ I only see it all as being a king without his queen.
I know she’s out there, somewhere. And so does Valentine.
When he runs away for the first time ever, I panic. I feel more lost than ever.
Once I come home and see who’s brought him home, I wonder if he ran away or went out to find her.
To bring her to me.
She’s perfect, innocent. A younger woman, but curvy too.
Just what I know I want, what I know I need.
But how can I thank her for bringing me back my Valentine?
How can I ever repay her kindness for finding him for me again?

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