Lost and Found by Aiden Bates (ePUB)

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Lost and Found (Vanguard Towers #2) by Aiden Bates – Free eBooks Download


I’m going to die on this cliff with only a bobcat kitten for company.
I’m sure of it until the hottest man I’ve ever seen swoops in and makes me leap.
Eli’s made for danger, and he dedicates his life to finding desperately stranded hikers like me.
He’s too perfect to be true.
I’ve fallen hard before and ended up bruised and battered.
I have to resist him.
Not easy when we’re stuck in a tiny tent waiting for rescue.
Somehow, I’m in even more trouble than before.
Can I rescue his heart?
I didn’t think my day would end stuck at the bottom of a cliff with a cute guy like Wyatt.
I’m not complaining.
But he’s fresh out of a relationship, and we’re in danger from the elements.
It’s not right time to even think about anything more than flirtation.
No matter how much I want to put my hands on his body.
By the time we’re safe I know Wyatt better than I know my brothers.
Can what we’ve developed survive outside the shelter of the forest?

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