Losing My Rejection by Blake R. Wolfe (ePUB)

losing my rejection, blake r wolfe

Losing My Rejection (Shifter Grove Rogue Wolves #2) by Blake R. Wolfe – Free eBooks Download


I’m not into men, but my new werewolf boss is growing on me in ways I can’t deny. Can I come to terms with my attraction and win him back after I rejected him?

As a new rogue werewolf, Shifter Grove is my only option for sanctuary. The moment I step inside that small town, a complete stranger calls me his mate. I’m not into men or weirdos, so I send him packing. I need to get my life back together and get out of this nowhere town. So when the hotel owner gets me a job at a local bakery, I accept without question.
As soon as I open the bakery door, I see him, the wolf whom I rejected. He’s the owner of the bakery and my new boss. I need the job, but I’m wary. However, as we start to bond over our love of food, a strange attraction begins to develop, leaving me utterly confused.

The moment I see him, I know he’s my mate. Tall, handsome, and an Alpha to boot. I can’t help the words that slip out of my mouth. It’s no surprise he rejects me on the spot, and I know I’ll never see him again.
But when that wolf turns out to be my new baker, I can hardly contain my excitement. The way he oozes passion when he talks about cooking has me hooked. Josh is everything I want in a mate. The only problem is he’s straight. But I can’t seem to give up on him, even though I know it’s hopeless.

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