Lord of All Pleasures by Lisa Campell (ePUB)

lord all pleasures, lisa campell

Lord of All Pleasures (Devilish Nobles #2) by Lisa Campell – Free eBooks Download


What if you had to fight the Devil himself to find your paradise?

Beatrice Klane knows that being Lucifer’s sister is not an easy task. This Season, with her brother wanting her to secure a noble husband and climb the social ladder, she can do no more than following his orders.
Even if her heart belongs already to a man who is everything but a gentleman.

Giovanni Amante is a man with a tormented past; orphaned and encircled with danger since a young age. Until Lucifer picked him up from the dirt and offered him hope. Being his right hand is the least he can do for the man that saved his life.
But a kiss with the Devil’s sister is all that is needed for all hell to break loose.

Giovanni knows that Beatrice is off-limits. She is destined to have a suitable husband and a better life. And he cannot offer her any of those.
Yet, there is little time to enjoy the taste of heaven.

With Beatrice’s upcoming wedding getting closer, Giovanni must decide; defy the man who saved his life and follow his heart or let the woman he loves have a better future but without him?

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