Long Hair Don’t Care by Maggie Dallen (ePUB)

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Long Hair Don’t Care (Fall in Love Like a Princess #4) by Maggie Dallen – Free eBooks Download


This Rapunzel is ready to let her hair down. Luckily, the local bad boy is all too willing to help.

Most people save their midlife crisis for middle age. Not me. I can’t even hold out for a solid quarter life crisis. What can I say? I’m an overachiever like that. I’m also pissed. At what? I don’t even know anymore. My parents, my body, my doctor…myself? Take your pick. I don’t do angry often but watching Roman-the-wannabe-rock-star ignore my best friend is the last straw. The guy has no idea how good he has it. He’s hot, he’s beloved, and oh yeah…he doesn’t spend every waking second worried that he’ll get sick again. The injustice of it all hits me at once and the result isn’t pretty.

Do I yell at Roman in front of his friends in the midst of a party? Yes. Yes, I do. I’m not proud of the temper tantrum, yet I don’t regret it either. But when he tells me I’m right and asks for my help, I can’t say no. Even if I didn’t feel bad about the public setdown, it’s becoming clear that I might need his help in return. Because as much as I hate how easy his life is, he definitely has one skill I don’t. He knows how to have fun. And right now? That’s all I want.

My life needs a major makeover, and like it or not, Roman might just be the perfect guy to teach me how to let my hair down.

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