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Logan (The Kings of Brighton #2) by Megyn Ward – Free eBooks Download


My name hasn’t always been Logan and I haven’t always been a Bright.

Once upon a time, my name was Matthew Collins and my father is The Family Man, one of the most brutal and notorious serial killer this country has ever known. When I was nine years old, he killed my mother… and then he just kept on killing.
Who I am has always been a secret. What I’ve been through and the things that I’ve seen have always been off-limits. Something I don’t talk about. Not with anyone—not even my brothers—and if anyone gets too close to the truth about me or if one of father’s followers manages to find me, I do what I always do.
I run.
That’s what I should be doing right now.
I should be running.
Because not only does Jane Halstead know every one of my dark family secrets, she’s determined to drag them and me into the light. Jane knows everything about me but it doesn’t seem to matter. Every time I try to put any sort of distance between us, scare her into leaving me alone, she just closes the gap and refuses to listen.
She keeps getting closer and closer. Throws off the delicate balance between who I really am and who I pretend to be.
Even though I’m the monster, Jane’s the one who scares me.
I hate her for it.
But not half as much as I want her.

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