Lockdown Baby for her Billionaire CEO by Sophia Lynn (ePUB)

lockdown baby, leona black

Lockdown Baby for her Billionaire CEO by Leona Black, Sophia Lynn – Free eBooks Download


Don’t sleep with your hot billionaire boss.
That was my only rule
but rules are meant to be broken….
I was a reasonable businessman.
So, when the pandemic hit,
And my best friend’s hot little sister needed a job,
I delivered.
The terms were clear:
Move into my penthouse and be my assistant.
But she had a rule, too:
No f%king.
For weeks, we were the perfect clash of lust and hate…
Until one day changed everything.
Now, I need to convince Emory that I’m not the player she thinks I am.
In the end, though, a billionaire always gets what he wants.
Being some rich bad-boy’s assistant wasn’t a career goal.
But with the city in lockdown,
Desperate times called for crazy measures.
Leo was everything I expected:
Arrogant, commanding, and sexy as all hell.
I couldn’t help my raw attraction to him…
However, the consequences were big—
Now, there’s a secret in the mix.
What are our odds, though?
Of a rare “happily ever after” in the middle of a global pandemic?
Slim at best.
He’s willing to take a chance…
But am I?

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