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Perfect for first time fantasy readers and lovers of hot tension (courtesy of forced proximity), quick witted banter, well rounded characters, and edge of your seat plot twists.
Let the world of Allie Shante’s debut novel , Living Legend, envelope you and send you on a ride you won’t forget.

She’s been called from her place in the darkness to aid the side of good in the last place she wants to be…

Dani, groomed by Lilith herself, has long been spreading horror in the murk of purgatory. She never asked to be summoned to Heaven’s Gate and never expected to be charged with the stubbornly attractive angel Nicholas as her partner. Though, with a face like his to look at, Dani isn’t about to complain. The lines between good and evil are shifting. Dani discovers that, lurking in her familiar darkness, are secrets she would never have guessed at and doesn’t understand. Now she must ask herself, who is a demon supposed to trust?

He’ll have to join forces with the last entity he expected… but sometimes true loyalty lies in the most unexpected places.

Nicholas is a sentry angel yet to see actual combat, so it comes as a surprise when he’s summoned by the highest angelic executive. The bigger shock is being forced to rally together with an alluring demon he can’t get out of his head. But as allegiances are tested, Nicholas discovers a lot is hiding between the boundaries of good and evil. Side by side, Nicholas and Dani must fight the unknown… in whatever form it takes.

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